Mallorca, 1955

As the name indicates, porqueres shoes were originally made for pig farmers. Fabricated out of recycled car materials, these shoes were conceived to be tough and resistant, and to keep the farmers' feet dry when stepping into the pigsty - improving upon the popular but not waterproof design of Spanish espadrilles. Thanks to the reused materials they were also affordable: the car hood formed the canvas body of the shoe, the sole was made with tire scraps, and as the canvas wore out from use, the leather would patch the holes. the characteristic leather shape on the front, side, and back would permanently define its design decades later.

siesta! starts as a project committed to share local handmade Mediterranean porqueres shoes with the world. A few years ago we realized most of the traditional porqueres cobblers in Mallorca were closing their shops,and factories and going out of business. This is why we decided to start our company . We found one of the few cobblers left that still makes the porqueres - and started siesta!, as a way to share the traditional art of these century-long history Spanish shoes.


We hope you enjoy our shoes, thank you!
Alícia, Antònia, Marçal & Paul


Made by skilled
craftsmen in Mallorca


Made by skilled craftsmen in Mallorca, hand cut & sewn with care. The shoe keeps a 1920s spirit, still defined by the original porqueres design. siesta! aims to bring back the beauty of a comfortable, resistant, and endlessly playful shoe. The sole is made with recycled tire, helping reuse, not add waste to the planet. The shoe is also slip resistant, tire tread keeps you steady as you go.  

We maintain the traditional colours and we have added a modern twist to the traditional pattern.